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Real Estate Ireland

Real estate in Ireland is one of the top industries injecting millions to the local economy generated by property developments, investments, and infrastructures. Learn more from International Property.

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Property Investment

Property investment in Ireland is on an upward trajectory with more demands for housing from owner-occupiers and investors alike. Learn more about residential property investment right here.

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Property Markets

Ireland does not follow a single property market as conditions differ from each area. Learn how to determine and navigate different property markets to make informed decisions.

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Rentvesting isn’t yet big in Ireland but people are considering it. It is an investment venture wherein people rent out their primary property and then live on a rental property.

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Dublin Real Estate

The city has one of the strongest real estate markets in Ireland. The city is joined by Berlin and Madrid as the top real estate locations in all of Europe.

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Economic Drivers

Ireland’s real estate market will be heavily influenced by capital investment and infrastructure spending in the country. Billions are being spent by the government and private companies for growth.

International Market Blog

Real Estate in Ireland

It is a common misconception that living in Ireland is expensive. It is not, even though it is for some. But, a more accurate description is that living or buying a property in Ireland can be financially challenging.

Ireland’s real estate industry is recording positive statistics from the last couple of years with more and more overseas people looking for lifestyle improvements in the country, mainly in Dublin and Galway.

Real estate is also set for a boom in the coming years with better lending and market conditions. This boom will be highly influenced by the projected economic growth in the country of 3.5% in 2020 following a 5.6% growth in 2019.

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