Month: April 2020

What to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Space for Online Gambling

What to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Space for Online Gambling

Choosing a commercial space for a business is not a one-day process. You need to make sure that the office you are considering will address all of your business needs. You also need to consider the cost of office space and overheads.

When it comes to choosing the ideal office space for an online gambling operation, there are three factors you need to consider.

Internet Connection

It is an online operation so you must need to have a strong and reliable internet connection. Your operation will mainly rely on disruptive and cloud-computing means. Way back in 2015, Ireland’s internet connection made great strides worldwide.

Today, the competition is fierce, but Ireland is still among the top countries when it comes to internet services.

You also need to have continuity plans amidst serious circumstances like natural disasters and man-made disasters. Dublin is one of the most advanced cities in all of Ireland.

What to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Space for Online Gambling Internet Connection - What to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Space for Online Gambling

Proximity to Employment Hubs

It is also important that the commercial space you are considering is nearby employment or economic hubs. This will give you a strategic location that offers strong comparative advantages including a skilled workforce.

Employees, investors, and potential clients are also attracted to central business districts. They want to be close to where the economic action is.

There are not many online gambling operators in Ireland. However, those who exist are located in top economic areas like Dublin, Waterford, and Limerick.

Necessary Amenities

It is also important that your office is near the necessary amenities including healthcare, transportation, air travel, retail stores, and more. This will attract more employees to consider a job at your company for the local conveniences nearby.

Being part of a vibrant community will also raise morale for your business and improve continuity. It is not just about convenience. It is easy to access the necessary services and infrastructures.

Once again, these factors are important when choosing a commercial property for an online gambling business or something that shares the same resources. Here is another important reminder as a bonus.

You can visit online casino mummys goldand see their success story when it comes to this factor. The company managed to land a great commercial property near Dublin that attracted a lot of investors and partners.

Property Investment Opportunity

In Ireland, rental space is a leading business and thousands of people do it either for commercial or residential purposes. With this one, it is helpful to take a page from the Australian real estate notebook.


Rentvesting is the idea of renting out your primary property to someone else and then renting out a place for your residency. In Australia, this is common mostly for residential properties. But it is also viable for commercial offices.

What people do is they rent out commercial spaces to other businesses and then rent for their own business.

If you need more help, you can contact the top real estate providers or contact us today.

The Best Real Estate Companies in Ireland

The Best Real Estate Companies in Ireland

Here are the top real estate and property investment companies in Ireland. These companies have collective years of experience servicing millions of people and hundreds of communities in Ireland.

They will help you make informed decisions when looking for residential and commercial real estate opportunities.

Kingspan Century

The Best Real Estate Companies in Ireland Kingspan Century - The Best Real Estate Companies in Ireland

Kingspan is one of the biggest, if not the biggest real estate company in Ireland. Kingspan has over 13,000 employees active all over the republic. Kingspan is not only a real estate company but a full-on property development provider. They sell properties and they also build residential hubs.

Kingspan is also recognized as one of the top construction companies providing innovative and strategic services. Innovation and experience are what Kingspan brings to the table.

“Kingspan Century is Ireland’s leading provider and innovator of modern methods of off-site construction, with over 40 years’ experience in the design, manufacture, and erection of Engineered Timber Frame Systems.”

Kingspan is a leader because of its continuity framework recognized in the global real estate industry.

Best Property Services

The Best Real Estate Companies in Ireland Best Property Services - The Best Real Estate Companies in Ireland

Best Property offers services for residential, commercial, and land. The company has more than 125 years of experience dealing with the many economic conditions of the country.

The company is led by real estate leaders including Garry Best (Managing Director), Kerrie O’Connor (Professional Services Administrator), and Gerard Kelly (Surveyor & Commercial Agent).

Best Property has the largest team of surveyors outside Belfast giving them a strong edge in the market. Their communication is also integrated online and on social media platforms.  They also provide great insights into property investment for both residential and commercial.

If you want accurate information, you can subscribe to their newsletter.They publish information regularly.

If you want to connect to the right people, you need to consider these two companies as they are renowned not only in the country, but throughout the world.

Both Kingspan and Best Property are applauded for their integrity with the services they provide.