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Harley Henry was working as an ambulance driver back in 2010. He had been working this job for four years and was having a hard time finding a better career opportunity. Henry never graduated college so he jumped from one job to another and then another.

One day, Henry found a real estate magazine in the hospital lobby and he started scanning through it. Henry was fascinated to the extent that he asked some of the managers if he can take the magazine home.

Long story short, Henry fell in love with real estate and was able to land a job as a real estate agent for a local firm. Henry is amazing when it comes to dealing with properties, either residential and commercial.

International Property

Henry founded International Property back in 2015 when he got a big commission from a million-dollar property deal. He used everything he made from that sale to open up the consultation business and help homebuyers and investors in their venture in the real estate market.

To date, Henry and the entire team of International Property helped out more than a thousand clients land great property deals all over Ireland and some in Australia.

If you are looking to buy your first home or invest in property, contact us today.