Ideal Cities for Property Investment in Ireland

When it comes to liveability, there are several cities to consider in Ireland. Most people believe living in Ireland is expensive and in some cases, it is. But Ireland is a rewarding country and it offers not only affordability for hard-working individuals but sustainability, security, and high-value opportunities.

For people looking to move to Ireland, either residents or overseas buyers, here is a list of top cities you might consider that will bring you great property value in investment and convenience.


Ideal Cities for Property Investment in Ireland Westport - Ideal Cities for Property Investment in Ireland

Westport is a city of scenic views and vibrant lifestyles. Local conveniences are within driving distance and there are long stretches of green space all over. The many views of Clew Bay will never get old.

The area encourages people looking to start a small business targeting the growing community of Westport. Westport is in the middle of urbanization but still holds to its cultural roots.

In Westport, there are no more than 6,000 residents, yet, there are more than 90 voluntary organizations. Housing is affordable whether you are renting or buying a property of your own. The place is perfect if you want to start a family or enter the property market


Ideal Cities for Property Investment in Ireland Dublin - Ideal Cities for Property Investment in Ireland

Many of you might not agree with this one but, Dublin offers great property investment opportunities. Dublin is one of the top tourist destinations in Europe. The city never runs out of visitors either from other cities or countries.

Property investment in Dublin depends mostly on tourism. Some of the locals turn their properties into small hotels or rooms for rent. There are already guidelines handed down by the local government on how to maximize this investment venture.

This is a viable business opportunity for everyone and will surely benefit you for many years. However, choosing a property to turn into an accommodation venue can be hard. You need to find a property situated at an ideal location near top tourist areas or destinations.


Ideal Cities for Property Investment in Ireland Cork - Ideal Cities for Property Investment in Ireland

Cork is the second-largest city in Ireland and it is also known as the food capital. The area offers great education that caters to different interests and it is abundant when it comes to natural attractions.

Big companies are based in the area including the European headquarters of Apple, Amazon, McAfee, VMware, and Siemens. There are also several local amenities nearby. The Cork Airport is also nearby. This airport is one of the major gateways of the republic.

Property in Cork is affordable compared to Dublin and Galway. It is ideal for new families orcouples. The city is filled with opportunities providing a lot of value for everyone in the family.

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